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When Should You Seek Jewelry Repair Services?
Several signs may suggest it’s time for you to consider jewelry repair. Learn what these are so you can preserve your pieces in good shape.

Even the most durable jewelry pieces are subject to wear and tear over time. Proper care and cleaning will help keep your treasured items in good condition, but eventually, problems can still develop with the metal or gemstones. Having regular inspections done by a professional is the best way to identify when jewelry repair is needed. However, in between visits, it’s important to watch for the following clues so you can be proactive about protecting your pieces.


Signs Jewelry Repair Is Necessary

  1. Damaged or Missing Prongs

Prong settings play an essential role in keeping gemstones secure. As such, if even one becomes damaged or goes completely missing, you run the risk of losing your expensive stone. Dropping your jewelry on a solid surface or banging it against the wall hard enough could cause a prong to bend or snap off. A jeweler will be able to restabilize or replace any troublesome prongs.


  1. Loose Gemstones

There may be nothing more disheartening than discovering a stone has fallen out of your jewelry piece. Unfortunately, this could happen for a variety of reasons. The good news is it can often be prevented if you get jewelry repair at the first indication a stone is loose. Use a toothpick to gently prod your stones and see if they move. You may also notice the gem has shifted from its original position. In either case, you should stop wearing the piece until you can have the stone tightened.


  1. Broken Clasps

After a while of taking your jewelry on and off, the clasp that’s designed to hold it closed could become worn out. This will stop it from closing correctly, which means there’s potential for the piece to fall off your body. Thus, if you start to see that the clasp is no longer shutting tightly, you’ll want to take it to a jeweler. The only long-term fix for this issue is putting on a new clasp.


  1. Thinning Band

Even the strongest metals will start to wear down in time. This is especially true around the shank, or the lower part of a ring band that sits nearest the palm. As you take your rings on and off repeatedly, the piece will rub against your finger, slowly causing the metal to thin out. If this is left unaddressed, cracks can begin to form in the metal. Bands that appear thinner than they once were should be assessed for a repair solution right away.


If you have any jewelry that requires fixing, bring it to Anderson’s Fine Jewelry in Redding, CA. We offer complimentary cleanings and inspections and will give you an honest recommendation on jewelry repairs. Our expertly trained in-house jeweler has more than 45 years of experience and is dedicated to delivering high quality, precise workmanship using the latest industry tools and technology. Call (530) 223-3443 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services online.