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  • Free shipping on U.S. purchases of $200 or more! Use Code FREESHIPPING at checkout
  • Complementary Gift Wrapping: Write "GIFTWRAP" in Notes at checkout


Custom Jewelry

More Affordable than You May Think!

At Anderson’s we pride ourselves in creating completely custom jewelry by bringing your idea or dream to life – all while keeping the price securely within your budget. In the past, investing in a new piece of jewelry involved walking into your local jewelry store and hoping that you found what you liked in stock, or trusting that your explanation of what you wanted would come back crafted into an accurately made piece. However, today’s modern technologies combined with numerous years of experience have given Anderson’s the ability to bring your unique dream to life with real-time digital updates all along the way – often times at prices lower than what you would pay in department stores.

Our Custom Process

Step 1: Convey Your Vision

This first step will probably be the most difficult as you start to clarify exactly what you’re looking for to your jewelry designer. It can be an even more daunting task if you don’t have a clear picture conceptualized yet of what you would like to have made. Either way, our team will be more than happy to brainstorm and come up with ideas suitable to your personal taste. Bringing in any magazine photos, internet images or personal sketches that depict your desires will be helpful in producing an accurate piece.

Step 2: Get a Price Quote For the Concept

During the initial discussion, you will need to decide which precious metal and stones you would like to utilize in your design or if you will be using your own gemstones. These selections will determine a price estimate for you to consider. You then have the option of moving forward with your piece or making amendments to better fit your budget.

Step 3: Computer-Aided Design/Wax Model

A computer-aided design (CAD) and wax model comes next after the project is approved for development. CADs have become a break-through in technology, giving customers the opportunity to see multi-angled renderings of exactly what they’re going to get before paying for it. Multiple revisions are allowed until you are happy with what you see. A three-dimensional wax model can also be made to ensure the right size and shape is cast in the final product.


Step 4: Finished Piece

After your final approval, your customized piece will be fashioned in the precious metal you chose and hand-selected, quality stones will be set. Once polished and carefully inspected, the craftsmanship of your new item will be sure to turn heads. Creating your custom design jewelry piece doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming and can be a fun experience throughout!



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