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4 Tips for Packing Jewelry When Traveling
Learn how to protect your jewelry before heading out on your next adventure so it arrives in good condition.

You want to look and feel your best at all times, but especially when traveling. This means making sure you take the right clothes and accessories. However, packing jewelry can be a daunting and tricky task. These items are delicate and can easily get damaged, lost, or tangled if they’re just thrown inside a bag. Here are a few tips to keep your pieces safe on their way to your next destination.


How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

  1. Decide Which Pieces to Bring

First, you must determine which jewelry is really worth bringing on your trip. Unless you’re specifically traveling for a formal occasion, such as a wedding, you might want to leave your more expensive and irreplaceable pieces at home to avoid them potentially going missing, getting damaged, or being stolen.


Generally, it’s best to pack a few pieces that will work with several outfits. For any fine jewelry you do take, document each item with a written list and photos. This will help show proof of ownership should you need to file a police report or make an insurance claim.


  1. Choose Appropriate Containers

Next, be sure to pack your jewelry in the right containers to ensure its protection. Think about investing in a jewelry case or roll that’s specially made for travel. These have individual compartments to keep pieces organized and safe. There are also many creative DIY ideas, such as using a pill case, separate Ziploc bags, bubble wrap, or mint tins with cotton padding.


  1. Give Necklaces Extra Attention

When packing necklaces, you may need to take extra precautions to prevent tangling. If not using a travel jewelry case or roll with sections to divide pieces, you can thread thinner necklaces through a straw. Cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls work great for thicker necklaces. 


  1. Consider Where to Place It

Any high value jewelry pieces you decide to take with you should never be checked in your luggage. You’ll want to either wear these or tuck them into a carry-on bag so they remain with you at all times. Also, keep in mind that while most jewelry items can be worn when going through security screening, bulkier pieces might have to come off so they don’t trigger the alarm.


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