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Brand Spotlight: Glock Watches
Discover the aesthetic and performance advantages that Glock Watches has to offer.

Anderson’s Fine Jewelry is proud to announce our retail partnership with Glock Watches – the officially licensed timepiece from the globally renowned Glock handgun brand. Offering modern yet classically elegant designs for both men and women, the collection features a wide array of must-have products for any watch or firearm enthusiast. Here’s a brief introduction to help you get to know this line that has already reached a high level of recognition and popularity.


Iconic Origins

Glock Watches was first introduced to the market just a few short years ago as a way of celebrating the Austrian gun manufacturer’s 35th anniversary in the U.S. and 40th anniversary in Europe. What began as a limited edition of 4,000 timepieces has now developed into a full line that’s available to a much wider audience. The collection largely focuses on paying homage to the brand’s legendary firearms. Each wristwatch draws inspiration from various elements of the pistol designs, such as the cartridge primers and sight lines.


Commitment to Durability

Durability is a distinct characteristic of Glock watches. All timepieces are subjected to rigorous quality control testing at four different levels to ensure their ability to withstand even the toughest conditions. This includes testing to meet a certain degree of tolerance for heat and freezing temperatures, saltwater, and sandblasting.


Another attribute that sets these wristwatches apart is their 2mm-thick sapphire crystal, which provides maximum resistance to scratches and impacts. They’re also water resistant up to 200 meters. These rugged and robust features are an ideal complement to any lifestyle.


Versatile Design

Glock watches showcase great versatility in their design. There is a wide assortment of styles that can be worn either while out on adventures or for sophisticated occasions. Consumers can choose from a range of finishes, and interchangeable straps allow for unique customization.


Additionally, the brand offers a variety of movement options. From precise Swiss-made quartz movements to automatic Seiko movements with a 36-hour power reserve, there’s a timepiece to accommodate everyone’s preference. For those who are more eco-conscious, solar-powered models are also available.


If you’re interested in experiencing the quality craftsmanship of Glock Watches, come check out our inventory at Anderson’s Fine Jewelry in Redding, CA. With our knowledgeable staff and dedication to personalized service, we’re available to help you find the perfect timepiece to meet your needs and style. Call (530) 223-3443 to schedule a one-on-one appointment or visit us online to view some of the watches we have available.