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  • Free shipping on U.S. purchases of $200 or more! Use Code FREESHIPPING at checkout
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Brand Spotlight: Ania Haie
Be one of the first to get to know up-and-coming jewelry brand Ania Haie and find out why these are must-have pieces to add to your jewelry collection.

Ania Haie is one of the newest brands we’re excited to feature at Anderson’s Fine Jewelry. This is a demi-fine jewelry line that is known for making luxury pieces at an accessible price point. As a London-based company, its products have become widely popular throughout the United Kingdom and Europe and are now cultivating a large following across the world. Here’s a brief introduction to the brand and items offered.


Company History

Ania Haie was founded in 2018 by husband-and-wife duo David and Andy Maine. Their goal was to tap into a market looking for fashion-forward jewelry pieces that remain affordable without compromising on quality. When launching, the brand’s goal was to give customers consistently fresh options with updated collections being presented every month. Today, the line has a variety of collections available, each one inspired by current design trends of the moment.


Notable Brand Features

Aside from keeping up with the latest trends, Ania Haie jewelry is committed to using high-grade materials. All pieces are made with .925 sterling silver in rhodium plating and 14k yellow gold or rose gold plating. Being a demi-fine jewelry brand, most product designs combine precious and base metals with semi-precious and lab-grown stones to create durable, lustrous products that will last for years to come.


The line has also introduced a fine jewelry collection featuring 100% recycled solid 14k gold pieces with natural diamonds, white sapphires, opals, and turquoise stones. This gives customers access to a more elevated look of luxury while staying within a reasonable price range.


Every item in the different collections can be stacked and layered, but they also have their own unique details that allow them to be showcased on their own. There’s something to complement every individual’s personal style, and pieces are meant to be worn every day with an easy transition from day to night.


Visit Anderson’s Fine Jewelry in Redding, CA to learn more about Ania Haie jewelry and browse our current inventory. We have a welcoming and knowledgeable staff that will be happy to show you the collection and answer any of your questions. Our family-owned and -operated store is dedicated to providing a personalized shopping experience along with quality pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Call (530) 223-3443 to speak with a team member or check out some of our products online.