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A Month-by-Month Birthstone Shopping Guide

Use our definitive birthstone guide to enhance your jewelry shopping experience and find the perfect piece.

Birthstones are different gems that represent every month of the year. They all hold historical significance and come with a unique meaning. These stones have been popular since ancient times, when they were believed to bring the wearer special powers and good fortune. Birthstone jewelry offers a fun and stylish way to incorporate color into your accessories collection and make a thoughtful gift for loved ones. The following guide provides a closer look at each month’s designated stone.


January – Garnet

While most people recognize garnets by their dark red shade, they actually come in an array of colors. No matter the hue, this birthstone symbolizes friendship and trust. Garnets were often worn by nobility and warriors going into battle, as they were thought to provide protection from injury.


February – Amethyst

Amethyst is a purple-colored gemstone that can range from a light lavender shade to a deep violet. They’re typically affiliated with peace and stability and are regarded as having healing and calming properties. Thus, it’s common to see them used in meditation practices.


March – Aquamarine

Light to electric blue in color, aquamarine is reminiscent of the ocean with a serene and tranquil feel to it. Throughout history, this stone has been a symbol of youth, hope, and optimism. As a result, birthstone jewelry with aquamarine makes the perfect accent for wardrobes transitioning into spring.


April – Diamond

Traditionally used in engagement rings, diamonds are widely associated with love. Due to their rarity and strength, these are one of the most valuable stones available. Though colorless diamonds are higher in demand, they do come in a variety of hues, including yellow, pink, and blue.


May – Emerald

As the rarest gemstone in the world, emeralds have been highly favored by a number of cultures and historical figures over the centuries. They’re primarily mined in Columbia, Afghanistan, Zambia, and Brazil. The emerald’s rich green color is correlated with rebirth and love and allows the wearer to make a bold statement. 

June – Pearl/Alexandrite

For June birthdays, there are two stones to choose from. Timeless and elegant, pearls have a distinct natural beauty and are symbolic of purity and wisdom. They’re the only gem to come from a living creature. Alexandrite is a rare stone known for showcasing a kaleidoscope of colors depending on the lighting and angle.


July – Ruby

Deemed the “king of precious stones,” the fiery red ruby is the most valuable of any gem. It has long been perceived as a carrier of good fortune and was frequently worn by warriors or placed on their weapons for luck. It represents love, passion, and wisdom.


August – Peridot

Found beneath the Earth’s crust among lava and meteorites, peridot is a lime/yellowish-green stone that conjures up images of lemongrass and lush meadows. It’s generally affiliated with power and influence. Peridot’s sunny appearance is also thought to keep away negative energy and evil spirits.


September – Sapphire

Sapphires are available in an assortment of colors, but the hue that most commonly corresponds with September’s birthstone is a striking blue. These gems stand for loyalty and trust, which makes them a desirable choice for non-traditional engagement rings. As one of the hardest and most durable stones, they’re great for everyday wear. 


October – Opal/Tourmaline

Those born in October also have two birthstones. Opals are unique in the way that they reflect a magical rainbow of color as the light hits the gem’s iridescent surface. This means each one is distinctly different. On the other hand, tourmaline has more color selections to pick from than any other stone. It’s credited with having stress relieving and healing properties.


November – Citrine

With its warm orange-gold color that captures the essence of fall, citrine is the ideal birthstone for November. Folklore identifies the gem as a gift from the sun, and it’s considered to bring healing and happiness. It’s also linked to wealth and success.


December – Blue Topaz/Tanzanite/Blue Zircon

December is the only month to claim three birthstones, all in varying shades of blue. The pale blue topaz has a peaceful quality to it, while tanzanite is a deeper blue with violet undertones and a soothing effect. Zircon comes in several colors, but blue is the most coveted, which is associated with serenity.


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