• OVNI Bracelet
  • OVNI Bracelet
  • OVNI Bracelet
  • OVNI Bracelet
  • OVNI Bracelet
  • OVNI Bracelet
Uno de 50

OVNI Bracelet

$ 0.00



Collection: Extra-Ordinary

Category: Bracelet

Color: Silver or Gold


Bracelet featuring oval-shaped links and a central pearl. Just like all of UNOde50’s jewelry it is handmade in Spain through a 100% artisanal process and uses a plated-metal alloy. Flaunt this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry and make it a key feature in your collection.

  • Line designed and handmade in Spain
  • High quality: UNOde50 uses 15-25 microns deep silver-plating verses the industry standard of 2-5 microns
  • High quality: UNOde50 uses 18k yellow gold overlays, rather than the traditional 10k or 14k
  • Base metals used are zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and copper
  • Nickel-free and hypoallergenic
  • Includes original UNOde50 packaging and a certificate of authenticity
  • Guaranteed for one (1) full year through UNOde50


Silver Plated Pieces: Clean with a soft cloth or with a non-abrasive silver cleaner.

Gold Plated Pieces: Clean with a soft cotton cloth, damped with warm water and mild soap.

Resins: Use a soft cloth to enhance the brightness

Crystals and Glass: Use a slightly damp cloth